X DAO - Infinite Possibilities, Zero Boundaries

A limitless realm where ideas take flight


X DAO stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the power of collective thought. It’s a decentralized autonomous organization that transcends specific categories, allowing members to steer its direction. Whether it’s exploring new dimensions in technology, art, science, or finance, X DAO is the crucible where these elements fuse into groundbreaking initiatives. With a foundation rooted in community-driven decision-making and openness.


Welcome to X DAO (XAO) – a revolutionary project where the only limit is your imagination. In a space undefined by traditional boundaries, X DAO serves as a beacon for creative and innovative minds, offering an expansive playground for ideas and experiments that push the envelope of what’s possible.


Utilizing blockchain technology, X DAO operates on transparent and democratic principles, allowing token holders (XAO) to propose and vote on initiatives, ensuring a truly decentralized governance model.


To harness the collective intelligence and creativity of our community, breaking new ground and exploring uncharted territories in every domain imaginable.


Decentralized Governance

Members drive decision-making.

Multi-Disciplinary Projectse

From tech to art.

Nurturing groundbreaking ideas.

Innovation Incubator: Nurturing groundbreaking ideas.

Dynamic Ecosystem

Adaptive and ever-evolving.


Total Supply

100,000,000 $XAO

Distribution Breakdown

0 %

Liquidity Pool (LP)

A significant majority of the total supply, 90%, is allocated to the liquidity pool. This substantial allocation ensures ample liquidity in decentralized exchanges, facilitating smooth and efficient trading for XAO token holders.

0 %

Marketing and Community Engagement

This portion is dedicated to various marketing initiatives, community engagement activities, and promotional efforts. It’s aimed at increasing the visibility of X DAO, attracting new members to the community, and maintaining active engagement with current members.

0 %

Centralized Exchange (CEX) Listing

Reserved for listing XAO tokens on centralized exchanges. This allocation helps to broaden the reach of X DAO, providing more avenues for potential investors to purchase and engage with XAO tokens, and enhances the overall accessibility and visibility of the token in the broader cryptocurrency market.


Phase 1

  • Launch XAO token
  • Develop community platforms
  • Initial governance structure setup

Phase 2

  • Foster multi-disciplinary projects
  • Expand token utility
  • Establish partnerships


Phase 3

  • Launch flagship initiatives
  • Enhance DAO governance model
  • Global community outreach


At the heart of X DAO is a vibrant community of thinkers, creators, and innovators. We believe in a collaborative approach, where every voice is heard and every idea has the potential to become reality. Join us to be a part of this extraordinary journey of discovery and creation.

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